Thursday, March 24, 2005

just when gals are accusing that guys are visual animals that only go for those pretty gals, we guys also are complaining that gals are materialistic creatures..

disclaimer: the above statement is not holistic and does not apply to those who are not of the same species.

ok back to the topic for the day. its during lunch break where one of my female colleagues is surfing friendsters. as she browse thru her friends profiles, she was making comments such as "wahhh look at this guy.. very rich!", "he really good leh, when he 18 yrs old he got himself a car already!", "this guy hor is good! he got any girlfriend? if no i want leh coz he really rich!"...

i was sitting besides her and i was like "!!!"

seriously i believe some gals are materialistic in nature but i did not realise one of those species is actually sitting right beside me today! oh well, now i can better understand why some gals are willing to marry guys they dun like, but because of $$$ they are willing to make the sacrifice. is $$$ really everything? of coz i understand that we cannot survive w/o $$$ especially in singapore, but i dun really believe that you can love a person's $$$ rather than the person himself/herself. maybe $$$ is the current attraction of gals to guys as compared to the stone age where guys win gals by the amount of hunt he has.... times may have changed but the basic form of inducement remains..

haha actually what puts me off most is the comment where she felt that one of the guys was so great to have a car when he was 18. i believe i commented his before but i STILL have to comment this time coz i just cannot stand it when people (no matter guys or gals) have this thought of others having a car where the car is not the effort of that person. i mean it depends on the family what. if i'm born with a golden spoon in my mouth, i would have a car too when i turn 18! but whats the point? its just the same also as those who can afford lots of branded stuffs. whats the significance if the gifts are not bought with the person's own hard earn $$$? if those people are to born in a poorer family, you think they can enjoy all these?

i'm not eating sour grapes nor am i jealous as i accept reality, the reality of inequality of life. but i'm a person that believes that everything i have should be the hardwork of oneself..

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