Sunday, March 20, 2005

the idea of building a casino makes me puke.


1. social problems - isn't the recent case of a whole family commited suicide not tragic enough? the cause of it all was gambling in casino. not only that family but i believe many more are victims of gambling... do we need to be the no.1 in bankrupcy rate too that is on par with our top ranking for airport and port?

2. religious problem - the muslim community in singapore has already submitted their petition that they do not wish for the existence of a casino. other religions such as catholic and christianity bodies i believe will follow suit soon... we really need to maintain the religious harmony in singapore...

the PM is 'interesting' enough to suggest that funds will be used to set up an institution to 'cure hard-core gamblers'. i find this suggestion rather l*me.. but then its always better than nothing if the project really goes ahead (which i think it would. of coz there may be a conspiracy theory as suggested by a group of my OB class during their presentation in the class the other day). oh yah one important thing.. please DO NOT use tax payers money for this purpose. use the money from the casino earnings instead. i dun think its fair for us tax payers to pay for such treatments of ill-habits that we condemm in the first place. its similar to the case of using tax payers money to cure smokers who kena all forms of smoking related dieases.. its simply not fair!

4D and toto and soccer and horse racing are enough already... we dun need another casino here.. genting is close enough for those who wana have a game or two...

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