Friday, March 25, 2005

ok time to have something to feel happy about, especially after so many of my crapping and ranting entries.. =X

during today's gathering i got to know 2 of my friends are an item! its a surprise to me actually.. anyway i'm not really close to them as seldom see or talk to them, but still feel happy for them. =D good luck to u two~

another 2 lonely souls left the single and available club... when will it be my turn?

i dun really dare to think about it.. really..


went singing at a friend's house today after a light lunch. its quite fun actually to sing, just that i dunno which titles to choose from the large collection of karaoke discs. haizzz... only managed to sing 2 songs, guang liang's 'tong hua' and li shen jie's 'shou fang kai'. have the sudden urge to go learn singing to improve my vocal coz i cannot seems to raise my tone high enough. maybe i should go check it out the available courses yah?! anyone know where is good? hehe~

oh yah... my friend's sister is really a coughing tiger hidden dragon!! when she sings i find that she has a very strong vocal! clear and with energy. its only later i found out that she was once a champion of the 'an pei na' karaoke competition in her younger days!! *double wow* that explains everything... haha!

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