Friday, March 04, 2005

ever since the completion of a heavy weight project yesterday, me and my colleagues as well as my bosses are feeling 'happier' today. the heart is lighter and the atmosphere in the office seems to be more relaxed than when compared to just a week ago.

thats a good sign.. esp when today is the end of the week. =D

with the 'weekend syndrome' enveloping the whole office, i dun feel like working so later part of the day was more of like a chit-chatting session between me and some colleagues. one of them was commenting that i look much better in my specs than w/o (btw i wasn't wearing one today) coz i'm more 'si-wen'. hehe~ tats part of the reason i wear specs, also another one i think i did mention before, that is i look more confident in it, at least in the eyes of others. maybe is my ... eh.... should i use the word 'boyish' looks? find it weird to associate that word with my age as its certainly not boyish anymore when i've crossed the mid-twenties mark. anyway i still feel more at ease w/o my specs. however, if you spot me with it, do let me know whether which side of me looks best yah.. with or w/o specs! thanks!

another one was commenting that i shouldn't dye my hair. she was saying that i should keep my hair black. but then if i dun dye my hair i look very dry and boring. really! i can feel the difference before and after i dyed my hair. i feel more comfortable with my looks and i guess thats important. another reason is i wana correct the stereo-typed thinking of the general public that engineers are NOT boring and nerdy creatures that wear thick specs and with boring hairstyle. engineers can look nice and wear nicely too, its just whether we wana look good or not..


another topic that diverted from my looks is the one that was asked by my colleague whether i have any gf currently and whether i had any before. haha! this question was posed by 2 colleagues in 2 consecutive days. i thought i told them that i'm single and available before? they are really absent-minded... haha!

weekend is here. tomorrow is going to a hectic day ahead with my lesson as well as a small mahjong learning session..

have a great week ahead peeps! =D

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