Sunday, March 06, 2005

hammy (jan 2003 - 06 mar 2005) has left us today, leaving behind his wife, cheesy, his pal, me and many many anonymous friends out there who love him in one way or another.

hammy, you have been really strong to live to a ripe old age of more than 2+ years old. although i did not give you a luxurious life, but i certainly regard you as my pal, my friend on the very day we are together. i promised you that i'll keep you till you leave for heaven and i'm glad that i did kept my promise. i hope that you have lived life to the max and have enjoyed your stay with me. its fate that brought us together and may you enjoy yourself in Rainbow Land with many others...

you will always be in our hearts. we will miss you.

(the pic above was the last pic i took for hammy on 13 feb 2005)


its an evening in july 2003 when i first met hammy. he did not really change much from then till now as he was already full grown (the previous owner says that he was about 6 months old) when i brought him back to my hostel (i was still studying at that time). hmmm.. he was a very lazy fellow. for months he will hide in his little aroma-therapy turned home day and night, only to come out of it for food, water and of course, toilet matters. he seldom played his wheel, probably because the old wheel has gaps too big for his tiny feet that he always tripped his feet into the gaps..

sleeping day in and out, very soon a few months have passed and i begin to feel that he looked lonely. not that i know how to speak in hamster language but i do feel that it may add some spice to his life if i get him a partner. i proceed almost immediately and managed to find him a gf, cheesy. hmm.. i think they were made for one another as they did not retaliate each other during their first meeting. from then onwards, hammy's life seems to change a little. he looks more lively than before, playing the wheel more often although he still tripped himself. he also dun stay as much in his little house as before as he will often be spotted with cheesy. its even more evident as its the cold and rainy days of december and they will usually be sleeping on top of one another, both looking so blissful... =D

oh yah, perhaps its a habit that i cultivated in them over the months, they will sort of know that i'm eating my breakfast in the morning and will jump around estacally hopping to have a share of it. of coz i'll always give in to their little demands andshare a little of what i have, be it bread, cheese, bao, ... i'm not a believer that they cannot eat other junk food as i feel that their life is short so they ought to enjoy too. with that principle in mind, hammy and cheesy has tasted many delicacies such as french fries, twisties, potato chips, cheese sticks, root beer, coke, pepsi, 7-up, sweets, ... too many.. i cannot remember all.. oh yah.. they are strict vegetarians thou, unless they go and catch lizards or flies or ants and eat them w/o my knowledge lah.. =X

so fast hammy has been with me for nearly 2 years. the last time i saw him alive was yesterday morning before i went out for my lesson. i still share with him and cheesy my bao and there simply isn't any signs that he will be leaving.. its only today morning when i wanted to change their bedding then i realise that i cannot find hammy. i thought he was hiding somewhere in the cage or at most escaped, which has happened many times in the past back in the hostel. its only when cheesy started moving away from the corpse that i realised he was gone.. i think from the moment hammy was dead, cheesy has been keeping a close watch on the corpse. at times she will lie on top of it, probably to give hammy some warmth. otherwise she will help to keep hammy clean by licking it. she probably knows that hammy was gone, but she prefers to take it as he was asleep... i guess she must be very sad from the looks of her eyes. the days where they fight with each other for food will be history. if she knows that this day comes so fast, she will probably let hammy have all the food instead..

i guess its all natural of humans and animals that we only feel sad when we lose something/someone we love.. its only when they are gone then we realise that there is actually a special place of them in our hearts..

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