Thursday, March 03, 2005

as i walk home just now, a group of gals walking infront of me are discussing about their crush and things like tat. suddenly william hung's famous phase popped into my mind. yeap.. its all about dun live life with regrets... and i'm thinking that phase along the line of what the gals are discussing.... just look back in time.. what are the things that you actually remember in your BGR/potential BGR? basically there are 2 types:

1) a BGR that you have tried and you are happy that you have tried even thou the result may not be what you wish to be..

2) a BGR that you did not try and it has always left a sense of sadness in your heart, thinking that you will not sit there and do nothing if you can turn back time.. which one will you choose? 1 or 2?

i guess most of us will definitely choose the latter but that was only when everything was over and we began to regret. when we are in that situation, many will just back off thinking that the probability of success is low. its part of our singaporean culture anyway that we cannot accept loss.. its our society's extreme low tolerance towards failure. however, one thing abt BGR is that there is no win-win situation. its always 50-50. to avoid the sour feeling of failure, we usually take the easy way out of avoiding and back off and to regret even further as time goes by, especially when we realise that the other person has got a bf/gf already... hammer your chest and cry unfair? nah.. its your choice... you chose it...

i'm still a pretty much 2nd type of person.. haizzzz.... i do have regrets...

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