Saturday, February 12, 2005

will keeping that 3 ang baos (given by the neighbours and friends) away from me make you richer by a million? come on.. each of them will be at most $4 and total will be only $12! like that you also wana keep for yourself.. dun think that i keep quiet means that i dunno that the neighbours and others come and bai nian.. little did you know that i actually saw one of your friends yesterday evening at the void deck and she mentioned that she left my ang bao with you.. well... ang bao is given away for good luck. however, if that ang bao is not meant to be yours and you kept it, i dunno if the chinese traditions have anything that say that anything will happen to people like you.. your lowly behaviour really spoil the remaining days of my CNY.. *pui*

well.. its not the first day i know you or live under the same roof with you. anyway dun even need to think that i'll give your son a single dollar. i dun care if you call me a miser for not giving your son any money since i started working (anyway you have called me a miser from day 1 onwards) as i never receive a single dollar from you when i was young. even if i give, you will still tell your friends that i'm a miser and only give after you complain. so whats the point of giving? give or no give i still being labelled as miser. give or no give you and your son also won't appreciate. nah... i rather save that few bucks for myself since i'm also very poor like you...


aiyah.. when will my items arrive at my mailbox?? monday? tuesday?

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