Sunday, February 13, 2005

hmm.. tomolo is valentine's day so today i shall talk about it yah?

oh before i start, yesterday i received a letter looking like this...

OMFG!! its written there ON GOVERNMENT SERVICE and i was telling myself.. "die lah die lah.. dun tell me is that i'm wanted for reservists?? NO!! i dun want! help!!"

left with no choice, i decide to gather all my courage and open the letter..

after i opened, i was in a state of both anger..and relief. why??

i was happy because its not a reservist letter!! yeah!!

but i was angry also because...

its a letter from SDU to remind me to go for the dunno wat networking nite!!

(p/s: for those who dunno, SDU is a local match making service agency funded by the tax-payers.. yes.. i'm funding it also partially..)

its soooooooo stupid!! i'm not angry because i got a letter from SDU but i'm angry because it dun use their own envelope! why must they be so cheapo to use 'government service' envelope and scare my balls out of my pants?

anyway the above are all side track.

i logged into the SDU website and did a little search at the GUYS photo section and i managed to find not one, not two, but THREE guys that i know! hehe~ well, kinda interesting that they actually will make use of the service, esp 2 of them from what i know about them is that they are rather quiet people so i dun expect them to put their photo up and hope to get a gf there. although i doubt that any gals will actually go and search that site (coz i think friendster is much better) but nevertheless, its still a big step out to know the other half. anyway got 2 years complimentary membership (usual $20 for 2 years) so its good to make full use of it. maybe i shld put my pic up one day too~ hehe~

this year valentine's day shall be me with my two hamsters. i know that i'm a BIG BULB among them but no choice lah.. haha!

Happy Valentine's Day to all who have a valentine!~
Happy Friendship Day!~
p/s: anyone wana jio me out tomolo? o.O

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