Friday, February 11, 2005

online purchase can really be addictive!

i just bought 2 things online:

1. macross zero anime for S$6

2. black color ipod tee for S$22

all along from young i've been a macross fan. just when many people are fans of gundam, i still prefer macross.. i dunno why also... maybe is bec i like the war in macross as its a swarm of planes vs another swarm of planes instead of in gundam where its either one vs one or a few vs one.. dun like those individualistic storyline where the hero is the best in the world and the rest are just supporting people.. anyway hope that the anime is good and i'll get more if its nice!

hmmm.. as for the ipod tee.. find it cute lah but dunno if its too big for me anot as the measurements seems to be slightly bigger than what i'm wearing. maybe after a few wash it will shirk slightly and it shall be fitting~ =D

oh yah... the orisinal store also has nice tees!! US$16.90-18.90 + US$4 handling charge... wahh... more than S$30++!!

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