Saturday, January 01, 2005

i'm still suffering a full body ache from wednesday gym session with one of my colleagues. my shoulder and arms are sooooooo tired and is aching non-stop since then. i even have problems trying to straighten my arm to reach for my shampoo that i placed on the shelf. not only that, changing my top has never been so difficult for me before as i basically pull and drag my tees while i change...

arrghhh!! i need tiger brand plaster and yokoyoko!

but i did promise my colleague that i'll go to the gym with him again when i recover. anyway he will be my personal trainer.. hehe.

anyway thats a side track. haha~


first day of the new year i shall talk about my new year resolutions. before i begin, lets look back at my resolutions for 2004...

1) get good results for exam. it may jolly-well be my last academic exam in my entire life so i realli hope i can do well in it. i'll make sure i put in alot of effort to ensure i do well.
2) improve my relationship with my family. guess that i'm brought up from the more traditional kind of family where there is an invisible gap between me and my parents, esp my dad. hope that i can bridge the gap in this coming year.
3) make more friends. yah! should realli make more friends as "one more friend is one less enemy". quite interesting huh?
4) kick bad habits.
5) wats more?? *ponder*

ok.. at least i managed to partly fulfill the 1st one by graduating. haha! as for the rest... i'm still trying.. so they shall be incorporated into my 2005 resolutions. XD

* my sparkling brand new 2005 resolutions: *
1. study hard and smart. this year i'll be clearing the other 7 modules left so hope that i can persist throughout the year.

2. work hard and smart. hope to learn more in work and gain more recognition. pray for a proper pay rise this year and a good bonus. for your info, i heard that the pay rise is only barely 3% in 2004.. so pathetic.. dun worry (or is it a cause for worry? o.O) boss, u will still see me for the whole of this year.. i still need to clock experience points and hours.. haha~ as for the other colleagues.. i think their new year resolution is to leave the company.. so... XD

3. stay healthy by adopting more healthy lifestyle by exercising more and eating less unhealthy stuffs.

4. improve my relationship with my family.

5. make more friends. really feel the need to enlarge my circle of friends. anyway i'm a "complimentary SDU member" for 2 years.. lol

6. engage in photography. i think i've the potential for good photography (abit BHB i know..) and i do have friends commenting that some of my stuffs are good! hope that i'll save enough to get a proper camera and start more serious photography work. my current "sha gua xiang ji" has limited capabilities..

7. relationship? well... let nature takes its course.. the more u go for it, the further it goes away..

so what's yours for 2005?

for those who have been with me all these while, reading my rubbish, a big 'THANK YOU"! i hope that i can blog better in the coming new year and be more open with my thinking and feeling, instead of blogging only the "politically" correct stuffs.. since this is MY blog yah... i should be open to write ANYTHING!

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