Friday, December 31, 2004

last day of the year is always good for a post-mortem of the major events in my past year..

1. fucking busy with my final year project in NTU. everyday kena stressed out by the stupid Matlab programming that was not functioning the way i wanted it to be. only to realise later that something was wrong with my equations and a +/- sign can do such a great difference..

2. final examinations for my 4 years of engineering education, and my final examination in my entire life... at least its true at that point in time..

3. job seeking. sent out close to a hundred resumes to many private companies and government agencies. got called up for interviews by immigration department, CAAS, jurong shipyard, singapore technologies, MOE, atlas-hifi and meiden. well... really stressed with the initial few interviews as i'm so raw and unpolished but from the 4th onwards i take it as just another chance to polish my interview skills without any stress. finally landed myself a job in my 6th interview within a month, although another company did call me up to offer me a job 2 weeks after i started work in my current job..

4. ended a relationship.

5. convocation! finally the time has arrived for the grandest day of my life after suffering in books for 18 years of my life (including kindergarden)!

6. happy birthday to myself! thank you boys and girls for the gifts as well as accompanying me on my birthday. really appreciate very much!

7. started my part time masters degree programme. did not imagine myself to go back to school just less than 6 months after my graduation, especially when my undergraduate study loan is still haunting my pay-check. now i got 2 sides haunting my pay-check, and that is more than half of my take home salary.. =( but i tell myself: die die also must complete my postgraduate degree no matter how poor i'm or how stress i'm over my studies. so here am i.. living in poverty.. and leading a stressful life.. haha~

8. work work and more work... working life is no good! still prefer those days where i can sleep and skip lessons in the morning. now, no matter how sleepy i'm or how cool the weather is in the morning, i have to force myself to wake up and go to work.. =( other than that little hurdle, so far so good but can sense the stress level increasing as i'm in-charge of more and more projects. thankfully not much of the blunders here and there so i pray for a smooth sailing new year ahead! boss: when is my promotion huh? =D

however, i noticed that we humans are only concerned about what we have done, but what about those things that we should have done but we did not do? haizzz....

anyway, happy new year to all!

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