Tuesday, January 04, 2005

just watched kung fu hustle. basically please DO NOT bother to watch if you do not have the time nor watch it during weekends. i'll say this show is worth AT MOST $6.50. i mean its not really that bad lah considering the special effects are very well done, but the movie is not as entertaining as i expect it to be. as for the secret female lead, quite pretty, bear some similiarities as zhang bo zhi..


its really saddening to learn that instead of helping one another during crisis, many people are making use of this opportunity to fulfill their selfish desires. in dunno india or sri lanka, there has been reports that a grandfather molested his grand-daughter; a group of 6 men gang raped a young gal. in indonesia, human traffickers are laying their hands on orphans so as to sell them for profits... the list goes on.. many were either not reported or undergone political sensorship..

wat an ugly side of human, us.

donations are pouring in for the victims of the disaster. many of us are quick to donate but how many of us actually know how the money is going to be spend? are the money we donate really going to the victims, or a part of them actually goes to some "unknown" sources? we never know.. i'm not trying to discourage donation in monetary form but i feel that every single donor should have the rights to know where the money goes to and how it is being used. i'm also not trying to say that the relevant agencies will misuse the money, but from the nicoll highway incident, i'm beginning to question the effective use of the donation. from the last piece of information i know of is that there is still a large sum of donations for the nicoll highway incident still unused, because the authority doesn't have any idea how to use the sudden large amount of funds. in such a case, there is a high possiblity that the funds will be used inappropriately just because the authority "has to use up the funds to avoid questioning"...

no matter what, lets just hope that reconstruction will take place as soon as possible and those affected will put everything behind them and start afresh...

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