Saturday, January 22, 2005

i managed to catch the sight of singapore's latest sliverware...


ok.. its gold in colour.. so it shall be a 'goldware'?? o.O


oh.. other than that.. guess who i met outside ck tangs??



u shld be getting it...

yes.. dun doubt liao... is 'HIM'!!!

yes!!! that sibei err xin de..... STEVEN LIM!! *thunder*

actually i no see him.. but when i was walking outside ck tangs while enjoying my free can of 'sprite lemon storm' (sample), i notice that a gal walking half a metre away from me suddenly 'jump' and shake his hand non-stop and keep on repeating "no no no!! i dun want!!" only then i look infront of her i realise its SL approaching her to trim eyebrow for her.. i thought she saw a ghost or wat... oh yah.. any difference? -__________-""

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