Wednesday, January 26, 2005

i just realised that tag-board is out of service! TMD! i thought its just a minor server problem but its a few days already! its ok to be out of service but then it makes my blog load so damn slow! *arrrghhh* anyway now i got a new chatterbox =D

oh yah.. i actually got a post ready the other day but the stupid blogger is down so after i click "post", the error message shows and i lost all of what i typed! damn! worst thing is i knew this is happening and i copy and paste it onto a word document.. so u should know what happened in the end.. i did not save the document and EVERYTHING was lost!

well done rite?

anyway i got a brand new 19" LG LCD monitor to compliment with my brand new HP P4-3GHz desktop (equipped with 160GB HD!!)!! yeah! i believe my colleagues must be so envy with me now! haha! anyway hor i really think their monitors should be upgraded. many of them are using only 17" CRT monitors and the screens are flickering for most.. i mean for those who are not doing design at least a 15-17" LCD for them mah.. and those who do design get a 19" like mine lah! anyway company $$$ wat.. u dun spend it u dun get an extra cent into your own pocket also.. with better tools we can work better and faster! =D

remember the last time i mentioned that my eyesight improved despite using computers so extensively? i believe that using LCD monitor does helps! so dunk your CRT and get a LCD!

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