Thursday, January 20, 2005

my colleagues were telling me about their memorable gym session yesterday (w/o me) as there was a guy with a very well-built body. on top of that, he has a very pretty girlfriend that has the looks of a ms HK. i wonder why they talked till like they were in love with the guy's body! i thought as guys their focus shld be on the gal?? haha! anyway i was commenting that nowadays ms HK all dun look really that outstanding and he quickly digged out 2 pics from his desktop (at work XD) and show me pics of yang gong ru and li jia xin and he says that the pretty gal looks like the latter. hmmm.. i mean looks like li jia xin will be pretty lah but yang gong ru is not pretty to me lor.. and he quickly commented that "

hey! ur standard very high leh! if like tat goes on hor, u will never find a gf till u are old man!"

kaozzz... juz a passing comment mah... -_________-""

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