Monday, December 27, 2004

i've re-dyed my hair and now its sooooo much better... damn.. during lunch before i re-dye my hair my colleague actually commented that my hair look like golden monkey! see how bloody bright my hair is! =(


i juz cut and dye my hair....


my hair looks very bright now! damn! shouldn't have listened to the lady boss's recommendation! she recommended me something that is bright, kinda copper + red, coz she says that the other colours, eg. brown, maybe too dark for me. haizzz... coz i did dye my hair before and the colour doesn't seems to penetrate into my hair so i thought its good to have something brighter so that at least i can still see some colour if history repeats itself. but now, it seems otherwise..

just hope that when i go back office tomolo my boss wun die of heart attack or ask me to dye back my hair...

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