Saturday, December 25, 2004

here is how i spent my x'mas eve...

oh yah before i begin, i MUST share with you all something i saw! i BET that most of you all have not seen this, and to see it 'live' is even more rare! no joke! serious! want to know what it is?

ok.. on my way to damien's house for the x'mas party, i alighted at buona vista mrt and upon looking up guess what i saw? some of u dirty fellas must be thinking of upskirts rite! you morons if you make this guess! ok the answer is.... *drum roll*.... *drum roll continues*....

i saw 2 pigeons mating! oh my! its the first time in 25 years of my life i saw birds mating! i saw hamsters mate (i see my hammie and cheesy mate till i sianzz) and some other animals before but never saw birds before. hmmm... the next question that comes your mind will be "how" rite? the 2 love birds i saw are resting on the "exit" sign and doing the "doggy" style. yeah! so dun think doggy style only for dogs and cats and humans only k.. birds also do doggy~

btw before i could take out my camera to video the birds, they must have noticed their privacy being invaded and stop their act and act innocent... damn..

okok i diverted too much. anyway 8 of us have the typical x'mas dinner:




here is what is left after 8 beasts finish their meal..

poor bird.. =(

not forgetting our x'mas pressies~!

after dinner we have "twister" and "win lose or draw" and "the making of spiderman 2" for entertainment till 4am before we decided to call it a day... so tired..

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