Thursday, December 30, 2004

government is setting a rule that whoever wants to gamble in the "upcoming potentially feasible" casino have to pay a $100 "entrance fee" per day. else, for those "season players", a yearly "membership" fee will be $2000.

many die hard gamblers who frequent genting and underground gambling dens must have been very sad as before they can even step their feet into the casino, $100 is already off their pocket to exchange for another chip.

many of the commoners will also feel that the government is stupid to charge this fee as it will certainly deter people from visiting the casino. its true in the eyes of the general public but in actual fact its not that way. there is a 20-80% rule where 20% of the customers constitute to 80% of the company's revenue. hence the big timers will actually constitute 20% that will not bother about the small $100 entrance fee that is imposed. as for the commoners like me who constitute 80% which contribute only 20% to the revenue, we are actually negligible in the eyes of the casino operators..

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