Sunday, November 21, 2004

gathering was at damien san's house again... yup.. and i mean again.. coz most if not all our gathering are at his house. well... not that we are so boring creatures that cannot think of anywhere else but since he is always so kind to let us visit his home then why not? we will be one thing short to worry about.

this time round is sort of "international" coz we have some "hokkien mee" looking spag -____-"", pizza, roast chicken, ribs, potato + fruit salad. desserts are peanut soup with sweet riceballs, egg tarts with some dunno wat fillings,.... wahhh eat till i pengzzz.... *rubba bulging tummy* =P

hmmm.. after meal is always good for some activities. game master gary san did not prepare anything for us so we have to turn to card game. well... to make the start more exciting, we play the game where everyone will be given a card and have to place it on the forehead and.... i think my description till here should be enough lah... so wats the forefit? tiger and vokka... what a night.. the first 2 games i lose.. and i finish 2 cans of tiger... f**k! seriously tiger taste bad.. i mean all beer taste bad (except jolly shandy XD) so i dunno why these people like to drink beer... but then beer can reall make a person puke. after the 2 cans i nearly puke coz too gassy in my tummy + the food still inside. so after depleting the 2 cans of tiger we go for vokka. luckily we got a shot glass so its still ok.. hahaha i did not drink the vokka but those who kena keep on complaining it taste like some turpentine, thinner ... ewwww~~~ luckily i no drink that... still prefer it with sprite.. esp "sprite ice" (not just add ice lah duhzzz)...

its only 1+am and all of us wana knock out already. i have to go for lesson today at 9am thats why i cannot stay and another wants to go home and sleep.. so the rest also follow us... actually they can stay what... can chit chat till morning... its not an everyday chance u know?

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