Wednesday, November 24, 2004

did not realise today is 24th till one of my ex-students sms me her PSLE results. oh yah.. how can i be so forgetful that i forgotten totally that today is the release of PSLE results!

anyway my 2 ex-students, JK (boy) got 231 and QH (gal) got 252! so proud of them! i've been teaching them from pri 4 to pri 5 and part of pri 6. long huh? i know that they can do well and they really did an excellent job. finally they can enjoy the fruits of labour...

for a teacher, i guess the most memorable and happy time will be when your students excel from their major examinations and remember you as their teacher, someone who they feel that have contributed a portion to their success. thats all i need. i don't need teacher's day gifts, i don't need repeated thank you, i only hope that you, my student, will do well, and remember me as your teacher. they may be my last batch of pri 6 students as i'm not sure if i'll carry on teaching this coming year in the family centre. if i dun, i'm glad that JK and QH have given me a very good parting gift. if i still have the chance to teach again, this will be my drive.

no matter what happens, thank you both of you, choose a secondary school that you like and enjoy yourself in the new environment. i wish you all the best in your pursue of knowledge and i certainly be glad to have the chance to teach you all again! =D

p/s: this year top score is 285

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