Friday, November 19, 2004

today is my first lesson.

it seems that i'm the smallest fly in the room. why? because my course mates are all executives and professionals! there are doctors (in profession), senior managers, managers, software managers, product managers, logistics manager, blah blah blah.... by the way those that i exchanged namecards today are all managerial level! somemore many of them are from respectable MNCs like creative, toshiba... so me... a small small engineer... is probably the smallest lifeform around...

but then i'm still quite happy! haha! because i'm probably one of the youngest student there! i think i should be the youngest male there as dun think there is anyone as mad as me to take up a postgraduate course so soon after graduation...

from these people i learnt 2 things today.

firstly, all of us need to constantly upgrade ourselves to stay competitive. they are all managerial level and yet they still have the urge to pursue academically. so as a small small engineer can i say that i'm too tired and too busy lah to upgrade myself? so a degree is really enough as what so many people perceived?

secondly, the view of the world i have is too small. its only interacting with my course mates then i realise this handicap of mine.i really need to adopt the open mindset and see things in a wider perspective...

enough of the serious things i've said. anyway lesson is quite fun as laughters can be heard constantly throughout the entire length. i think working and days without books certainly make people more stupid.. i shall not eleborate anymore... =X

anyway this weekend is burnt. today got lesson till 1030pm and tomorrow still got lesson at 9am... ewww~~~ sunday whole day burn + monday also... after these few days of intensive courses, we are given one week to complete a marketing plan assignment. luckily my team members are quite "on" so i believe we will get things done rather fast. after that i'll have 3 weeks to study for my exam.... stress ah!!!

anyway need to go touch up on my assignment now... tomorrow will hand in.. looking forward to tomorrow's jap class gathering~~~ =D

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