Thursday, November 25, 2004

totally disgusted by an old man today!


ok this was what happened. i'm in the queue to use the the posb atm. after waiting for awhile i begin to observe the old man infront of me. he was pressing the buttons again and again, dunno what he was doing also. after a while he will stop and look at then carry on with the browsing of the menu... and this thing last for almost 5 mins! HELLOOOO!!! where on mother earth will you see someone standing infront of the atm machine for 5 bloody minutes??!! he got so many accounts to check meh?? or he got so much $$$ to transfer here and there till the bank cannot accept anymore?? pls lor! he knew that there was a queue behind him and he still take his own sweet time! me and the guy behind me exchange our agreement that the old man was a total idiot by wasting our time. we then make noises by yawning, stepping hard on our slippers, blah blah..

finally that old man finished his BIG business and still has the cheeks to turn around and "tiao" us and make funny noises!! kaozzz!!! i not scared of you old man! also the guy behind me has the "loan shark" look... dun pray pray with us k!

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