Wednesday, October 27, 2004

today's blog is for all SADA boys.

today as usual i went for my lessons at singapore poly. i hang around the study benches, reading my daily dosage of streats. just before i was about to go in for my lecture, guess who i saw?

make a guess. (scroll down for answer)


yes! yuen pui leng! hahahaha!

and guess whats she was doing there? study lah! hahahaa! she said that she got the scholarship from RSAF to study! somemore its her 2nd year already! surprising huh? even staff seargent also need to study... maybe she promoted or what? i dunno. anyway dun ask me what course she study as i never ask her. however, for those curious cats who wana know what she studys, either you can call her up (if u have her hp no.) or you can guess, since i saw her at the electrical and electronics engineering block..

btw who is her darling har during our NS days? hahahah!

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