Monday, October 25, 2004

for those who are trying to contact me and wonder why my hp was off, i'm sorry as i'm w/o a hp now. nah.. i did not lose it.. its just that after 3 times of repair at sony ericsson centre my hp still "go into null state" so often + screen flickering, i think its time for me to let it go, esp when it still can fetch a rather good price... =) in the meantime i'm still sourcing for a new one.. so for those who dun need a new hp yet has a valid line for upgrading, and most importantly that you wana help your friend here please sms me and i'll contact you!

how i check my sms? i use my mum's hp at nite lah! haha!

still thinking of which model to get... any recommendations?

i need radio, alarm that can wake me up w/o me setting it daily b4 i sleep.. camera and bluetooth are optional..

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