Friday, October 29, 2004

this year's company dinner was held in a restaurant at chevron's, besides the akira plant at jurong east. dun ask me why its at such a ulu place as i'm not part of the planners. i only can think of 2 reasons: low cost + small place. anyway my company total up to not more than 120 people so it will look very 'cold' to hold a dinner at a freaking big restaurant. luckily we got accompany as another group, i think is DSTA also held their dinner there so the place looked more lively.. hehe.

ok.. basically its a 9 course dinner with all the more typical standard dishes: fish, roast chicken, fried udon, shark fins, "cold plate", sea cucumber, scallops, prawns and yam paste. food is so so lor.. nothing jaw dropping, but me and my colleagues still eat till very full! *slurp*

how about some candid shots of the day?

me kena caught on cam while i'm digging black gold XD

hui trying to hit me while avoiding the camera.

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