Sunday, October 31, 2004

after tuition in the morning, i went down to orchard with chan to get a bluetooth dongle for my laptop, so that i can transfer files faster and more effortlessly to and fro my handphone. otherwise w/o this bluetooth, pairing up using infra-red is a headache as it keeps on disconnecting after a few minutes and to download a song into my mmc card take almost the same time as the song itself! for eg, if the song is 4 minutes long, i'll probably need 4 minutes to transfer the song thru infra-red! can u understand my agony?

after that, we went over to ngee ann city to watch the subaru wrx challenge! its really a challenge for the individual's endurance as its not easy to stand there for a few days w/o sleep and rest. i mean how many people can do that? worst thing is that they have to endure the cold weather and strong rain! seriously i dun think if given the chance i'll participate as within the 1st day i'll probably faintz due to insufficient sleep and rest... xD however for the winner its really a reward well deserved..

after that we went over to the flea market at china square. dunno were we too early or what but it seems rather empty as only a few stalls were operating. when i last came china square for the flea market, the place was rather active and alive, but today seems to be a 180 degrees change.. hmmm... maybe its because of the exam period ba.. anyway i did not manage to get anything interesting, but i'll probably go to other flea markets to check it out.i dun have anything i want to buy in mind, but just like to see what the stalls offer me, especially if they sell things that will remind me of my childhood.. that will be really nice~

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