Friday, October 08, 2004

people, esp females in my company seems to be very occupied with one thing in their mind recently: marriage.

tomolo one of their colleagues in another office (literally is ALSO my colleague but i dunno her) will be getting married being the "sisters", they invested so much of their brain cells to think of ideas to sabo the soon-to-be groom on the wedding day... to me they seems to be more excited than the bride about the wedding, as thou they are the ones getting married. -_______-"" they will chat and discuss about what should be done and what are the taboos, how the wedding photos look like, blah blah... sometimes i just can't help but think that are they getting married.. soon?

to add on to the marriage flame, one couple at the production side SUDDENLY announced their wedding date which is 2 days after my birthday, which is the 18th! the whole office was stunned as we did not expect them to get married so soon. furthermore, they did not give us hints that they are preparing for the marriage. everything is so secrective! haha! okok.. its not shotgun so u people dun anyhow think yah? haha! too bad that the wedding dinner is to be held in ipoh (they are malaysians) and i dun have any leave on hand (yes i'm STILL "leaveless".. *sobsob*) otherwise i'll surely attend. anyway an ang pow will do rite? hope the couple understand my difficulty...

what about the SADA boys? hmm.. now probably 3 are possible: my buddy, mhd bao and kiat, with the probability in running sequence. me? ok lah.. wait till i posted to japan first.. haha!

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