Saturday, October 09, 2004

i love my furry friends! they are just so cute!

so fast hammie has been with me for more than a year already. all these while he has been a rather good boy as i think he only tried to escape once, despite that i always keep the cage door open. does that shows that he likes me? or he is just plain lazy to run away? -.-"

cheesey hugging hammie to sleep... =D

cheesey is hammie's wife. hmmm... can't really remember when i got her as i only remember that she came with other 2 brothers. in the end i sold the other brothers away as she is entrusted the task of carry on the family line of hammie. but till now... probably close to a year already she is still not pregnant... there has been a few pregancy scares in the past as i noticed food being buried here and there as well as bulging tummy.. but all turned out to be pranks...

now i wish for a new pet: chinchilla(s)!

i long wanted to rear a chinchilla! just tat i heard from others that chinchillas are hard to maintain as they die easily. also they are rather expensive to buy and maintain so this idea has been shelved for a long time. i did promise myself that i'll get one when i started working as by then i'll be spending my own $$$ so parents will not nag at me. the most they can complain is that my room is super smelly! haha! now i'm looking for one.. hope to add another furry ball to my family! =D

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