Sunday, October 10, 2004

watched the new police story just now.

dun really like the plot as i find it rather lame. i mean it just dun make sense that sons and daughters of rich men are good users of ammunitions. also giving excuses that these people are just out for thrill by robbing bank and they wana do it for the sake of gaming dun give it a new reason for a police movie. i'll prefer the plot as just a simple police and robber story where the ulterior motive is for money.. anyway isn't that the basis of all crimes?

age has certainly caught up with jackie chan in this movie. his actions in this movie were quite limited. gone were the days where he will almost throw away his life just to shoot as many stunts as possible. in this movie his actions were just the normal kicking and punching and throwing things all over. i can understand lah. imagine me in the 40s still playing with my life? of coz not, especially if i'm as rich as him! the $$$ i earn i still no enjoy yet!

charlie young is probably the best reason i kept my butt glued to the seat for the wholly 2 hours. after all these years she still look great! age doesn't seems to leave any footprints in her almost flawless skin, except probably for a new lines near her eyes... still so pretty and shu nu looking! wooo~~~~

anyway, for those who want something to passtime, this movie is still worth supporting.

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