Thursday, September 02, 2004

within a month there are already 4 accidents involving 4 people.

3 dead and 1 injured.

because of this, the smrt is considering adding barriers on all overhead mrt stations, which is estimated to cost $5m! haha! when the news of smrt studying the possibility of adding barriers on mrt stations, i almost laugh my head off. i really find it a dumb move. they really think that with all these barriers the accidents could be avoided? if they check the causes of these accidents, i believe the majority of these accidents were deliberate suicidal attempts, instead of them being pushed. so even with these barriers, if anyone wants to commit suicide, there is no way of preventing it. so why bother? instead, i feel that these barriers will make boarding and alighting more difficult as the path will become narrower. anyway since now all the mrt platforms are equipped with cameras with recording functions, although we cannot prevent these accidents from happening, at least we will know what is happening before and during the incidents.

so please! save the money so that our fares won't increase!

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