Wednesday, September 01, 2004

just finished watching the thailand movie: my girl.

thanks to kiat and chan for the VCD. as i told chan before i've wanted to catch it while its showing in cinema, but time after time i just keep on forgetting it till only today i manage to catch this show.

simple story of a boy and a girl who stay just a house away from each other, know each other since very young, and the story carry on when they were in pri 4. they were very good friends, almost like a young couple. however, the boy has always wanted to join the other gang of guys so as to have fun with them. one day, as a test for the boy's courage tso as to join the gang, he cut the girl's elastic band (aka "zero-point" rope) into half. that although won him a place in the gang but also shattered the girl's heart. after the incident, the boy has been trying to pick up courage to say sorry to the girl but he never managed to do so. not long after, the girl and her family moved away. the part where he ran with all his might to catch up with the girl was really touching. he failed. he did not manage to talk to the girl. he did not manage to say sorry. the elastic band that he made for the girl remains a gift that was never given away...

i do not have such a close girl friend when i was in my primary school so i cannot really have the same kind of feelings that the show is trying to project. however, i believe for those who have such little story when you are young, it will surely touch your heart in some way.. hoping that you will see him/her again...

good luck!

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