Friday, September 03, 2004

i can sense the dark clouds looming around my house again....

my father is not going to pay for my brother's tuition fees of $80. my brother has been asking from him for the past 2 days and its pretty obvious that he is not going to get a single cent. i dunno what will happen but i can kinda expect a war to occur soon..

anyway i don't care. i contribute my share and thats it. as i said before many many times already, its no point trying to be kind to my brother and mother. they will never appreciate my kindness anyway. if i going to pay for him this time they will ask the money from me again next time. its an endless cycle. so before i step into that endless cycle i better keep my feet clear from it now.

anyway if i were my dad i'll not pay for the tution also. my brother from young has been very protective and supportive to his mum. he basically listens to everything his mum says, even if its bad things about my dad when they quarrel. so in his mind i and my dad are bad, he and his mum are good. so for this kind of people will you still be good to him? also he dun study at home. when he comes back from school in the noon, he will watch tv, read his comics, or simply do nothing. well.. homework is what he do at the most. anything other than that will cost him his life. after dinner he will also watch tv and sleep before 10pm! come on lah... sec 2 already u sleep at 10pm? either you are real good that you do not need revision or simply you are a lazy bum. he is the latter. so without revision he thinks his results will improve? give him tuition also no improvements anyway... its nothing wrong with the teacher in school, the problem lies with himself.

ok.. enough of them.. sometimes the sight of them makes me wana puke.

my father did give the money so family is back to peace again..

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