Wednesday, September 08, 2004

the two women in my company has discovered something about me again.

this time round i dunno i should laugh or cry. perhaps it depends on how you see it.

hui says that i look like a girl.

joey, hui's closest friend, agrees too.

one day i'm in the pantry (yes.. pantry again.. but dun think i'm always so free to go pantry k.. i'm just making full use of my privillege.. also that is the place where all the gossips are being discussed! hehe!), hui secretly tells joey that i look like a girl.


when asked why, hui's answer was that my composure is not man-ly enough: i dun talk loud enough (they need to dig their ears), i dun behave like my other male colleagues whom she feels were more roudy (did i spell correctly?), soft spoken, ... she also says that i'm short and small size and my complexion is quite good (hahaha! she needs a new pair of contact lens!!) so overall got a feeling that i look like a girl.


henry, commented that i resemble garfield instead, all thanks to the new garfield movie.

i dunno why but people are commenting that i look like who and who and who. to add on the list will be a friend who is a director (filming that director, not director as in CEO) says that i look like jacky wu, and he never fails to make that comment whenever he sees me...

why no one says that i look like takashi? or pitt? or cruise? i prefer that much more than those i mentioned above! wahahahahahahha!!!

*punch myself*

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