Thursday, September 09, 2004

on my way home today at jurong east, i noticed a stall by the roadside selling music CDs. you must be thinking that those people selling pirated CDs are back again? hmm... i'll say they are back.. but in another form. the CDs on display all comes with the music company's seal and packaging. overheard from the "boss" that there are lyrics in each CD as he claims that all are original. hmm... from the feel of it i believe its original, BUT it does look abit different from the usuals you see in music stores. the packaging looks abit different. after looking at a few different CDs, i discovered that they are for sale in china only! in another words its parallel import. each CD cost $6.90 to $8.90, which is less than 50% than what the music stores are selling. just standing there for about 5 mins there are at least 3 purchases made so i can see that the demand will be quite high as consumers feel that they are getting a good deal by buying originals yet paying pirated value for them.

perhaps its a new trade so the authorities are still ignorant about it. however when things get abit out of hands, this new trade will be history, just like its unlawful counterparts...

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