Monday, September 06, 2004

my colleagues just found out something about me..

i have small hands.

as i enter pantry in the morning, hui, who happens to notice my hand as i push open the door, starts to tell everyone in the room that my hands are small. after that she forces me to show everyone my small hands. -____-" okok... did not know that my hands suddenly become the talk of the town. she and joey keep on commenting that my hands are small lah, cute lah, smooth lah (they only see the back of my hand.. when till they see my palm then they will eat their words)... my hands are almost the same size as joey's but is smaller than hui's. ok, i do admit that i have rather small hands. don't ever ask me why are my hands small, just the same as i do not understand why i'm so short. there is simply no answer(s) to these kinds of questions!

throughout the day, these 2 women will try to associate my hands with whatever jokes they can think of. eg, cutting off my hands as replacements if theirs were injured lah... i believe they will carry on for the rest of my career there...


perhaps the next greatest discovery they will notice will be my lack of sexy leg hair..

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