Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i'm disappointed with citibank.

one fine evening last month, when i was halfway though my dinner, i received this call from the citibank call centre. after much persuation, i reluctantly agreed to sign up for some of the bank's services. the reasons why i dun wana sign up were that:
1) i'm halfway through my dinner and she was disrupting my meal,
2) i dunno was it a fraud or not,
3) i've to provide the bank with my appointment letter as she claimed that as i'm less than 3 months in the company hence the computerised payslip was not enought to support. (other banks only need my payslip)

but in the end i still stupidly signed up the services by faxing all the documents required by them.

i shouldn't have even wasted my half hour talking to the telemarketer as well as my precious time in the office faxing my private and confidential documents over.


today i received letters to inform me that they were "regret to inform me that they were unable to grant me an approval" (quoted from the letters, both the same contents).

what the FUCK!!

if they feel that i'm not qualified for their services then why not say so earlier during the call? dun waste my time what! somemore still ask for so many of my documents just because "its our bank's policy to ask for such documents." FUCK! at least another bank did not ask me for any other documents to support other than my payslip!

from today onwards, i'm 100% firm on 2 things:
1) i'll accept no more of such nonsense if any bank or company wana ask me for more information to support my application for any service( s) other than the minimum required, especially if i feel that the information i provided is more than adequate and other companies accept what i provide to them. don't ever quote me what stoopiak company policies or what. company policies/practices belong to your company and you, not me. i'm the customer. i do not get paid by your company so why should i follow what your company says? instead i may be the one paying your salary so do not give me problems! i only want solutions! so if you find me not qualified to use your company services then dun waste my time.
2) i'll NOT sign up for anymore services from citibank in the future, even if next time i'm more qualified.

seriously, if not from the university HRM lecturer's no nonsense attitude i'm not what i'm today. i really learnt alot from him although i really swear and curse at him almost everyday when i'm attending his course and doing the stupid e-project as he called it. w/o him i'll probably still be someone who accepts all these nonsense just because its company policies....

thank you mr heng! haha! =)

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