Thursday, September 16, 2004

i like it when my bosses are not around. hehe!

my GM just back from jakarta yesterday and he fly off to manila this morning. the AM was occupied with entertaining visitors yesterday and took a PM leave today so i practically dun see him around much.

so what i did today afternoon was practically surfing the net (shhhhhhhh!!) and doing some editing on my design work using AUTOCAD. cannot slack the whole day mah if not i'll be in deep trouble..

heard that the testing dept got some problem with manpower. one guy was down with MC for around 2 weeks and it seems to be very taxing for the other guy left as next month we have quite abit of delivery. somoemore he is required to go overseas next week so i doubt we can finish the testing... i knew this day will come sooner or later. perhaps its good also for me to go and learn testing as i'll have a better picture of what is going on in the production side, instead of just staying in the office to do design work all the time. my 2 other colleagues have been doing design work for so many years already yet they never go and learn testing. perhaps its manpower shortage, but i feel that they just cannot be bothered to leave the aircon room and learn other stuffs. well... in the current world, equipped with another skill is better than lacking of it, especially for engineers. anyway the AM still no say anything about me going to learn testing but i believe he will need me to do that SOON...

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