Sunday, September 12, 2004

happy birthday grandpa!
may you be ever so healthy! =)

grandpa's birthday so as usual a gathering at grandparents house. this time round was potluck. but after a few years of that, i could roughly know who will be in charge of what items: one auntie will always make curry chicken, the other always bbq chicken and fishballs, another one will fry beehoon w/o fail, etc... and my mum will always make some desserts..

ok... food was not that bad.. really.. had 2 servings.. and this meal totally soiled my running for the past week =( but heck man! eat liao then say! haha~~ *slurp*

today's attendance was kinda bad. genny, sandy and many wasn't here so its kinda bored. only got sandy's brother to chat with me. heard from one auntie that anling managed to get into nus arts and social science. happy for her. then another cousin took up the route that skip O'levels and go straight to A'levels. he was complaining that he did not do well in his mathematics and is kinda stressed up with his studies. i and sandy's brother keep on encouraging him to work hard and get a scholarship as he has the quality to get one. he topped his primary school in the PSLE and in his days in chinese high till now, he was always one of the top students. perhaps he was thinking too much hence affecting his grades recently. but then its also a good time now for him to think what he really wants to pursue in the future... he is at the crossroad now... hope that he will make a wise choice.

brought some photos to show my grandparents. my grandma is really funny. she will comment the girls in the pics and say they are pretty lah, nice lah... then one of my auntie asks her why u no comment on some girls, then my grandma reply that "ehhh... they cannot be ah-di (aka me) gfs lah.. coz .........." ok... my grandma is like that one... haha..

perhaps i should really spend more time with them. they are really getting old. i, as the eldest grandson, should really do my part and visit them more often....

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