Friday, September 17, 2004

i guess the biggest hooo-haaa for today is the merger of mediacorp and tvworks.

i dunno why the news mentioned that its a surprise for many people. i mean dun they even think that its a total flop in the first place? for goodness sake... singapore is such a small place of population about 4-4.5 million. how are you going to support 2 tv stations (not including cable tv)? its a good idea lah to have competition as competition enahnce quality. however, singapore is really too small for such a competition to exist. so i dunno why the 2 stations actually took 4 years to realise that simple fact.

as we all know, the tv stations' main income is from advertising. assuming that the advertising value is about $2 billion per year. it will be dumb to think that with 2 stations the total value to jump to $4 billion as each advertiser will advertise in both stations. it the first scenario doesn't exist, then another scenario will be that the value will fall below $2 billion as both sides will try to undercut each other so as to secure the deal. no matter what, both will suffer.

one funny thing is that the relevant ministry approved of this merger. so isn't is slapping their own face after 4 years?

anyway nowadays government sectors like to slap their own face.. well... all thanks to those overpaid and underworked scholars...


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