Saturday, September 11, 2004

anyone who watched the yes933 awards last night or the delayed telecast just now should have realised something: its always those who bother to attend the ceremony will get a award(s).

this phenonmenom has been ongoing since the launch of this prize giving ceremony donkey years ago. everytime before the ceremony, the station will announce who will be attending so as to attract people to spend money to buy tickets to watch live. however, to me the message is very direct: whoever comes will not leave this place empty handed. hence its either these singers already know that they will bag something home before they agree to come, or that after they agreed to come, the station will "make necessary arrangements" so as to make their trip worthwhile. well.. both ways works equally well.

perhaps singapore's market is really too small that these singers simply dun feel the need to come as even if we dun buy their albums, they won't feel the pinch anyway. so why bother to attend such a tiny-whiny prize giving ceremony? getting a award from here won't add anything to their popularity anyway. perhaps the trophy is just another paperweight for them.

on the other hand, perhaps we should look at why is there such a prize giving ceremony anyway. are we simply having the "seeing other people have so we also should have" kind of attitude? to put it bluntly, singapore's market is really very small. we dun produce alot of entertainment stars except for a few more well known ones, which other countries simply assume that they are "a part of their kind". whats worst is that it seems that these singers do not bother to restate that they are from singapore when the reports carry wrong information. so if they dun feel proud of singapore then do we still need to hold such a ceremony? furthermore there is simply no surprise in the prize giving ceremony if everyone who bother to come get something home. whats the point of such a ceremony then?

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