Sunday, January 25, 2004

today is yet another feast day. breakfast was at home as my mum fried beehoon. i think her fried beehoon skills realli improved over the years. now her fried beehoon is no longer those very dry type which u cannot even swallow. now it taste very nice! i had two servings!

lunch was at my grandma house as its my baby cousin's first month "birthday"! hmm... buffet style with fried rice, prawns, curry chicky (*slurp*), vegetables, kong bah bao, etc... wahhh nice sia, esp the curry!

juz when u thought tat is all, i went to jim's house for more food! yu sheng, fried rice, sausages, prawns, chicky wings, etc... siao liao! i juz can't stop helping myself to all these delicious food! *yummy*

okie i need exercise... =X

from left: a pic before we start. cannot find me? hey! who do u think that took this pic? and see the food that we have? *slurp*

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