Saturday, January 24, 2004

so fast its already the 3rd day of CNY. past two days have been busy.. travelling here and there.. eating this and that.. OMG! i'm growing fat already! stop feeding me! =X

reunion dinner and 1st day of CNY is steamboat. eeekks! i dread abt eating steamboat again! ok.. i'm going to skip steamboat for a few months! maybe its the easiest to prepare, esp if going to feed a large group of pple as not much preparation is required. juz get ready the soup and the ingredients can be simply bought over the shelf. i need other types of food PLEASE!

hmm.. i think i broke record for my ang bao collection this year! haha! all thanx for one auntie that gave me a very very BIG ang pao! =D nah! dun ever bother to ask me how much i got coz i wun tell u! haha! what i can say is its enough to last me for a while... =)

oh yah.. my hammies!! these few days have been cold! i wonder if they have enough warmth anot... yeah i juz got two new hammies! one black and one white! both are about one month old. i need a new cage for them leh... anyone know who is selling a used one? inform me k?

all sleeping soundly.... *ssshhhhhh*
btw the white is a black eyed winter and the other is a black bear. both campbells.

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