Monday, January 26, 2004

i need to get going... i'm not studying nor doing my project the way i wanted it to be. i'm getting nowhere if life goes on like this. guess the x'mas + new year + CNY long break realli does damage to my lazy brain. i'm getting even lazier! i'm not like this last semester as i still remember i'm very hardworking even thought the term juz started. hmmm... cannot laze around anymore.. muz get started already! arrrrghhhhh!!!!!

yah.. my hammies need a new home badly..

updates on 27/01: yeah! someone muz have heard my plea and this kind gal is generously going to give the cage FREE to me! (UP$20) but the catch is that i have to go down to sengkang personally to collect today, which i dun mind at all! =D

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