Friday, December 12, 2003

x'mas is coming.. 13 days more.. and i still haven't even write the x'mas cards that i wana send! how i wish to be able to send x'mas greetings to all my friends out there but ya know that i'm financially restricted.. so sorry... how about an e-card for the rest of ya who did not receive my paper card? =P usually i'll send out x'mas cards during the 1st week of december but now its already the end of 2nd week.. hmm.. guess i better do it quick b4 its actually over before i even know it! but hammie gets his card real early as its his 1st x'mas wif me!... merry x'mas hammie~! *squeezy* =)

wonder how the HAWKERs will celebrate x'mas. its my 6th x'mas with them. i guess they like last minute plans. u can never give them long enough time to set aside a day for gathering as they always will give it a miss. hmm.. maybe they wana gather all the possible plans and choose from the best one by not confirming to go for anyone.. but in the end always end up (i think) that all the plans are dropped and all of them will still stick to one another for the singles night.. hehe... discussion have been going around for so long in the forum.. but guess it will juz be another waste of time and effort discussion.. haha

from left: juz finished his drink (yes.. he drink water in that position one.. hehe); see his x'mas card at the back? ho ho ho~ =)

look out for next exciting of hammie pics release! coming soon!
1. drinking water **
2. his sweet candy! ***

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