Saturday, December 13, 2003

today went to buy a new hp for myself! yup i got the sony ericsson T610. after trade in my good ol 8250 + a $80 mailer from m1, i only pay $98 for it! (usual is $328) cheap huh? i'm not tat familiar wif ericsson phone as the last one tat i played with is my dad's antique GH388! it took me quite abit of time to get used to wat this phone is about. actually its not tat difficult to use as almost everything can be accessed with the middle button, so in fact its even simplier than nokia. btw hor.. i'm anti-nokia one... lol i and my frens all agree that "nokia is a realli good in the black and white days.. but in the colour world it sux!" lousy screen (4096 colours compared to 65536 colours), 4 chord polyphonic tones (compared to samsung 40 chords and sony ericsson 32 chords), no bluetooth (for phones below $700), high price.... okok i think i better stop it before all the nokia fans gonna hammer me...

when i took the mrt this evening, the train was realli packed and this old lady on the train, move into the train and wait before the seat where the "courtesy sticker" is being pasted on top of it. she waited for awhile, hopping that the young chap will give up the seat for her but sadly no. he is listening to his discman and i notice he dun have eye contact with the old lady. either he is realli too engrossed with his music or he wana act blurr. anyway the funny thing is the old lady say (rather loudly in english) "hello excuse me can you let me have the seat please? can you let me have the seat? can you...." she said a few times but the chap dun bother about her. by now everyone is looking at the chap and guess he finally know that he should do something and reluctantly let his seat out... lol i admire tat old lady as she realli daring to ask someone to give up the seat to her. till now she is the first person tat i saw who dare to do tat. but i guess everything still boils down to basic courtesy and consideration for others... looks like the courtest programme still a way to go..

my brand new hp! cool huh? =)

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