Thursday, December 11, 2003

one day a guy from the sch's christian fellowship came to my room and wana spread gospel to my roommate. its the 2nd time that i personally see my roommate sitting down there listening to the guy's explanation using the "little booklet". its wonderful that my roommate, who is a non-christian, is willing to listen not once, but twice to the story of jesus. they progress till the stage where the guy actually led my roommate for the prayer. i've mixed feeling about this. is the guy to fast to push my roommate to accept Christ?? is my roomate realli ready to accept Christ?

after the guy left, my queries were answered. my roommate says that he dunno wats going on. he says that this guy is too fast to push him for the prayer as he is not mentally prepared. he added that he is willing to listen and know more of christianity but it seems that christians are very fast to "hard sell" their faith. he regretted saying the prayer and even mentioned that he dun realli welcome anymore christians that is going to talk to him about christianity...

i know that i gonna be condemn by many fellow bros and sis out there but i still like to make my view. its true that many of us are "hard selling" our faith. i'm not saying that we shld not be serious about our faith and not share with the others, but instead, are we pushing them (the non-believers) too far? too far till a point where we are a group of isolated, neglected, hatred people? take a close look of ourseles. look at our friends around us. how many are non-christians? how good and close are u with them? if u are not realli close with them how are u going to share with them your faith? how do u expect them to believe wat u say? i got many feedbacks from my non-christian friends that their christian friends call them only when they wana ask them to come to church, other than that they wun even bother to call up. are we realli the type of people where our "only objective" when calling non-christian friends up is to ask them to come to church? we christians are juz like a group of people with closed-doors. yup. sometimes i feel that we are communists. we dun usually mix with people different from our faith. yet we want pple to believe in our faith. how could it be possible?

another thing is are we giving them enough time to think and prepare mentally, spiritually about his faith? is it better to say the repent prayer fast and he regret later, or we let him think and realli say the prayer when he is ready?

think about it people. PLEASE for goodness sake... my roommate is a typical example of how a neurtral non-believer becoming sort of "anti-christians"... you want more to be like him?

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