Wednesday, December 03, 2003

the plot of land beside my hall is being cleared since mid november to house the 2 halls that were to be demolished. as its a forested area, inevitably land has to be cleared for construction. juz when i thought the damage to the green is minimal, i was stunned by the extensive damage done! almost the whole plot of forestry was being cleared! OMG! although i'm not an environmentalist, i still do care about my environment and earth by recycling as much as i can. i'm really saddened by the lost of trees. these trees are realli tall, although its only a secondary forest. what will happen during the hot months? without these trees, the already very hot place will be even more unbearable! now its still the clearing stage. imagine i have to put up with the dust, noise and so on in the next few months when the actual work is being carried out! haizzz.... poor trees... all of you will be remembered by me...

(look at the area being damaged.... poor thing... there is more clearing on the left juz that i'm being blocked by the building...)

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