Monday, December 01, 2003

before i start... tell u all a small little joke...
juz now i was playing with hammie and i see it sucking up one of his sh*t. he nimble it a few times. juz b4 i thought that he is going to disgustingly eat it... (hold breathe)... he spit it out, (phew!)... real far away.... lol! errrrmmm... or is tat gross? hope he dun do it again.... =)

who wana join my no-lifers club? i seriously think i got no life. yeah i always feel very no life... why har? bec i always stay in hall playing games, chit chat and my FYP? but realli lor if i dun do that wat can i do? u can't expect me to go out everyday right? also i dunno where to go, go with who, do wat.... realli feel sianzzz leh.... yesterday passby raffles city i also no urge to shop around... die..... i need help!

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