Friday, December 05, 2003

my good ol' 8250 is dying on me. today it hanged twice in a row when i tried to open up my inbox. it juz say "opening" and i waited for about 3mins then it says "sim card rejected" and juz hanged there... i tried both times and both times are like tat. somemore my sms coming in was lost in the mail when my fren say i no reply... haizzzz..... sad case... dunno if i shld juz endure wif this phone for awhile more or i get a new one? i've using this for more than a yr i think and i like it (despite changing for 8310 and later changing back again) coz i only use the sms and calling and alarm. the rest of the functions i rarely touch them, and i dun see the need to pay for a hp tat i no use for the function.

i now using m1 and i seriously thinking of switching to starhub as my incoming talktime is about 80% or even more of my total talktime, so i guess incoming call free makes more sense. somemore now got number and sms portability which makes switching more viable and meaningful... hmmm wat hp should i get also? not much $$$ for an ex phone... budget about SGD300... but muz have color... sick of mono color handphone liao...

see the sim card rejected thing? *sobsob*

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