Wednesday, December 10, 2003

added the snowflakes today! look more like x'mas right? i getting to love my layout! hee~
oh yes.. what do u all think of the idea of having song in my blog? i'll try to find some nice songs and change periodically.. yup.. overdosage makes one sick.. lol!

p/s: pls dun report me to the police for these songs k? =)

yes! its for our superstar to show "his" face again! i know that all his fans are waiting till the neck grow long liao. this time round i decided to get a "supporting actor" ---> cookie monster! *applause* hey not easy to take these 2 pics k.. i gave him dunno how many of his fav. goodies (evident from the mess he created on the table) so that he will be too busy eating to even take note of the presence of the "supporting actor" sitting on him.. hee~

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